In collaboration with the ART-AI CDT, social policy researchers, and two institutions in Mexico (CIMAT and UNAM), SAMBa are delivering an ITT with CENAPRED, who are the Mexican National Disasters Agency. CENAPRED oversee all aspects of Mexican disasters, from prediction of events, to management of the aftermath, to public engagement and awareness raising.  The focus will be on developing AI approaches but these will necessarily need strong underpinning of statistical and mathematical methods, as well as understanding the societal and social impact and engagement.

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ITT questions under discussion

Recent developments in wave propagation and their application to new materials (CIMAT)

The meeting will focus on new mathematical approaches to scattering and the analysis of inhomogeneous media, as well as their recent applications to the design of materials with novel properties. 

BUC-Chile Probability meeting

This meeting will take place in Playa del Carmen, in the Yucatan Pensula, preceding the annual Congress of Latin American Probability and Mathematical Statistics (CLAPEM). The focus will be on common interests between researchers in the BUC community as well as, now, the Chilean probability community. The meeting consists of three graduate minicourses as well as some short talks by researchers from each of the participating countries.

BUC Integrative Think Tank

The industrial interactive Integrative Think Tank workshop was conceived of as a reserach training tool at the doctoral training centre SAMBa in Bath. Thanks to the close collaboration between Bath, UNAM and CIMAT, this model will be imported to Mexico and trailled for the first time at the BUC ITT. The ITT is an opportunity for mathematicians to work with industrial partners to develop new and co-owned research questions that have a tangeable future.

"Resonant" media: wave scattering phenomena under strong length-scale interactions (UNAM)

The meeting will cover a range of topics concerning length-scale interaction phenomena in heterogeneous media.

Function spaces meet materials science: recent developments in spectral theory and scattering (CIMAT)

The meeting will feature talks highlighting recent progress in the analysis of PDEs and operators of mathematical physics by members of the mathematics departments of the three founding institutions of the series: University of Bath, CIMAT, and UNAM. The goals of the meeting are: a) to give a summary of the progress since the previous BUC in applied analysis in March 2018; b) to introduce new participants of the series to the relevant mathematical background; c) to develop a strategy for the future work and identify potentially fruitful ideas for widening the scope of the existing activity.

Probability challenges (CIMAT)

The BUC will centre around a collection of short courses earlier in the week. During the short courses, some tractable problems will be offered to PhD students who will be given until the end of the week to solve them as a way of becoming familiar with the material and literature presented.

Guanajuato Uncertainty Quantification “GUQ” (CIMAT)

This workshop aim is to bring together researchers of applied mathematics to show advances on uncertainty quantification of nonlinear dynamical systems. Uncertainty quantification encompasses methods to account for a cascade of errors arising while observing, modeling and discretizing physical models. We are interested on both, forward propagation of uncertainty as well as inverse assessment of model and parameter uncertainty.

Asymptotic and operator-theoretic techniques for the analysis of time-dispersive media (Bath)

The workshop will focus on the recent work of the Applied Analysis group at Bath and Theoreical Physics group at IIMAS, Mexico, on the development of functional models and the construction of scattering theory for differential operators dscribing the behaviour of periodic composite media.

Applied Analysis of Operators, PDE, Functionals (IIMAS-UNAM & Mérida)

The event is a research workshop in Mérida on 27 November -- 3 December 2017. The workshop will consist of several collaborative sessions and continues a series of mathematical research activities organised in Analysis. Also in the spirit of the BUC resaerch platform, this even is a smaller and more focused interaction strongly focused on driving towards publishable resaerch.