PhD student Sandra Palau Calderon and Associate Professor Victor Rivero joined the Department of Mathematics as members of Prob-L@B from October 2014. Normally based in CIMAT, they both stayed for one year in Bath to visit Professor Andreas Kyprianou, completing thier viist at the end of semester in 2015.

The Univeristy of Bath and UNAM have signed a formal agreement that allows for a two-way exchange of masters students between the Department of Mathematical Sciences and the Instituto de Investigaciones en Matemáticas Aplicadas y en Sistemas (Applied Mathematics Research Institute). The first student to take advantage of this new agreement, Ms Lizbeth Peñaloza Velasco, arrived in Bath on the 27th of January 2016 to begin taking courses in the second semester of the 2015-2016 academic year.

Andreas Kyprianou (Bath) and Juan Carlos Pardo (CIMAT) have been awarded a prestigious Royal Society Newton Advanced Fellowship, enabling collaboration between their respective research groups over three years. The award provides substantial funds to allow travel of members of members of the probability research group in CIMAT and members of Prob-L@B in Bath.

Members of the department of Mathematical Sciences at Bath visited Mexico as part of a University delegation from 18-26 April 2015. Andreas Kyprianou, Paul Milewski, Susie Douglas, Kirill Cherednichenko, Karim Anaya-Izqueirdo and Gavin Shaddick represented the different research and educational interests of the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

The Pro-Vice Chancellor for Internationalisation, Professor Colin Grant, has awarded a start-up grant of GBP 12,000 towards the workshop series in collaboration with the Mexican institutions of Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM) and Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas (CIMAT).