> BUC-XII: 12.03.18 - 14.03.18

Asymptotic and operator-theoretic techniques for the analysis of time-dispersive media


The workshop will take place at the University of Bath on 12--14 March 2018

Monday, Tuesday: Wolfson Lecture Theatre, 4W1.7

Wednesday: CB1.10


Talk schedule

Monday 12 March:

Room: Wolfson Lecture Theatre, 4W1.7

15:15-16:15: Euan Spence, "Acoustic and electromagnetic transmission problems"

16:25-18:15: Serena D'Onofrio, "Operator-norm convergence estimates in homogenisation of periodic singular structures" (Joint with AOF Seminar )

Tuesday 13 March

Room: Wolfson Lecture Theatre, 4W1.7

14:15--15:15: Karsten Matthies, "Dispersive lattice equation"

15:15--16:15: Alexander Kiselev, "Operator generalised resolvents: a tool for the analysis of time-dispersion in continuous media"

Wednesday 14 March

Room: CB1.10

10:15--11:15: Luis Silva, "Index of determinacy of spectral measures and applications to inverse spectral problems"

11:15--12:15: Yulia Ershova, "Derivation of the effective properties of weighted periodic graphs"



Kirill Cherednichenko        Serena D'Onofrio
Yulia Ershova
Karsten Matthies
Aaron Pim
Euan Spence


Isidro Munive Lima (CIMAT-Gto)
Luis Octavio Silva (UNAM)
Aleksander Kiselev (Dragomanov National University, Kiev)