Research Outputs



  • Sandra Palau Calderon (CIMAT) obtains Newton International Fellowship for two years
  • Alex Cox (Bath) and Daniel Hernandez Hernandez (CIMAT) Awarded Royal Society Newton Mobility Grant
  • Joint article submitted "Extinction properties of multi-type continuous-state branching processes" (Andreas Kyprianou and Sandra Palau).
  • Ricardo Weder from UNAM-IIMAS visiting Kirill Cherednichenko in Bath,14-29 May 2016. (Supported by University of Bath Global Mobility Scheme.)
  • Research teams from BUC3 and their ongoing research titles, aiming to reach a publication:
    • Arno/Jason/Tim/Airam: "Properties of Nested Kingman Coalescent"
    • Matt/Bati/Pite/Victor/Daniel/Rodrigo: "Exceptional times for dynamic Galton-Watson trees"
    • Geronimo/Cecile/Tim/Bati: "Scaling limits of the preferential attachment tree"
    • Juan Carlos/Sandra/Dorka/Jose Luis/Henry/Gerado: "Backbone decomposition for  Multitype CSBP and Multitype superprocesses"
    • Geronimo/Oswaldo/Mirian: "Trees with a given degree sequence"
    • Andreas/Clement/Steven: "Fragmentation-Coalgulation"
    • Jose-Fredo/Ekaterina/Antonio: "Catalytic branching models at the origin"