Applied Analysis of Operators, PDE, Functionals (IIMAS-UNAM & Mérida)

The event is a research workshop in Mérida on 27 November -- 3 December 2017. The workshop will consist of several collaborative sessions and continues a series of mathematical research activities organised in Analysis. Also in the spirit of the BUC resaerch platform, this even is a smaller and more focused interaction strongly focused on driving towards publishable resaerch.

Air Quality and Health: a global issue with local challenges (UNAM)

This BUC will look at the increasingly dominant environmental topic of air quality and its health implications. BUC-X will consist of three parts. The first part will be a problem formulation sessions run in the style of the Bath-CDT SAMBa Integrative Think Tank. The second part is a course dediated to the data science of air quality and health. The third part is the BUC signature PhD min-conference for to ensure mixing of graduate students. With the recent move of Prof. Gavin Shaddick, this BUC introduces a new partner to the BUC research platform: Exeter University.

Branching processes and related topics (CIMAT)

This meeting will focus on recent developments in classical (spatial) branching processes with a strong focus on problems currently under consdieration by young researchers currently entering the field.

This meeting has been delayed until December 2017 due to last minute issues.

New date: 11th-15th December 2017

Stochastic Optimal Control (CIMAT)

The aim of the workshop is to encourage collaboration and new problems between academic researchers in Bath, UNAM and CIMAT, and we plan to have a mix of introductory lectures, seminars and open problem sessions, with time to develop team working on problems provided by the workshop participants.

Continuum Modelling and Computation from Biology to Mechanics (UNAM)

This meeting will focus on building connections between researchers working in the area of continuum  and the discrete-to-continuum modelling in the application areas of Biology, Soft Matter, and Continuum Mechanics. The format will be of two days of presentations and three days of breakouts into working groups.

Applied Analysis of Operators, PDE, Functionals (IIMAS-UNAM & CIMAT Mérida)

The event consist of two parts: The school in IIMAS-UNAM between 30 March and 3 April 2017, and the workshop in Merida on 5-7 April..

Uncertainty quantification: When PDEs meet data science (Bath)

BUC-V will pursue two main aims: To bring together statisticians who work on large-scale modelling with researchers from scientic computing and numerical analysis who are interested in high- (or infinite-) dimensional problems and UQ. To bring the most promising and novel methods from both communities in a synergistic way to bear on real, large-scale applications.

New frontiers: Advanced modelling in space and time (Bath)

BUC-IV is the third in the series of workshops with the theme of Big Data and Statistics in Environmental Research. As with previous BUCs, there will be a short-course and a conference for PhD students and young reseachers.

Trees and tree-like structures (CIMAT)

A non-traditional workshop will look at open questions and problem formulation in the realms of random trees and tree-like stochastic processes. The workshop consists of problem formulation and group discussion leading to collaborative resaerch.

Thinking globally: The role of big data (UNAM)

BUC-II will include a PhD conference and short-course, the second in the series on Big Data and Statistics in Environmental Research; `Thinking globally: the role of big data’ to be presented by Gavin Shaddick (Bath), Dan Simpson (Bath) and Karim Anaya-Izquierdo (Bath)