Threshold phenomena in spectral analysis and their applications to waves and tectonics (Summer School and Workshop)



The events are part of a series of mathematical research activities organized by the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Bath and Mexican mathematicians based in UNAM and CIMAT (BUC). The present instalment (UMAR-BUC) is a collaboration with Universidad del Mar.

The School (held at Universidad del Mar on 11-15 July 2022)

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The school will introduce the participants to modern methods of mathematical analysis for the study of classical and quantum physical systems. There will be four mini-courses on topics of mathematical physics and materials science.

The Summer School will be held at Instituto de Investigación de Matemáticas y Actuaría, Universidad del Mar (Campus Huatulco).

The Workshop (held at IIMAS (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) on 18-22 July 2022)

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The workshop will combine two kinds of activity: research talks in the morning and collaboration sessions in the afternoon. The morning talks will be given by analysts from Bath, IIMAS–UNAM, CIMAT, and partner institutions, who will highlight the current research in the areas of differential equations, operator theory, and their applications to mathematical physics, materials science, wave propagation in continuum mechanics and electromagnetism. The material of the talks will be used as a basis for making an advance on the interfaces between the subjects touched upon.

Further Details

Participants (School)


Kirill Cherednichenko

Euan Spence 

Luis Octavio Silva (UNAM)

Andrew Comech (Texas A&M)

Julius Kaplunov (Keele)

Alexander Kiselev (UNAM)

Danila Prikazchikov (Keele)

Vladimir Ryzhov

Stephen Shipman (Louisiana)


Participants (Workshop)

Kirill Cherednichenko

Yi Sheng Lim

Vladimir Kostoglodov (UNAM)

Luis Octavio Silva (UNAM)

Reynaldo Castaneira (Oaxaca)

Yulia Ershova (UNAM)

Aleksander Kiselev (UNAM)

Vladimir Ryzhov

Stephen Shipman (Louisiana)

Igor Velčić (Zagreb)

Josip Žubrinić(Zagreb)